About the Arcaxonia Store

We love artists and the amazing art they bring us which can help us reflect or simply keep us entertained! Arcaxonia is a small merchandise store based in Québec, Canada. Our goal is to give artists the opportunity to make their designs into real products and to offer them to you!

Arcaxonia started from an idea originally called Toony Shop; but as we worked on trying to find partners we found others outside of the Toony community interested in our project and ideas after several months of research Arcaxonia was born and the original idea of the Toony Shop was integrated into one of our many “collections”!

We’re always looking for more artists and brands to expand if you’d like to join us please contact us!

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About Arcaxonia

Arcaxonia is a sole-proprietorship company. This company owns TSG!(The Squish Gang!), Arcaxonia.com and PSAid.info.

Arcaxonia offers a few other services outside of it’s shop and TSG!, such as Web Design.


If you wish to inquire about partnerships or about selling your designs or selling digital content on our store please visit the pages below!

Partnerships Inquiries

Info on Becoming a Designer

Digital Content Inquiries

If you wish to sell digital content on our platform simply contact us via: contact@Arcaxonia.com 
Or use any of our methods listed on our Support page!

Legal Inquiries

For legal inquiries please contact us via our email: contact@Arcaxonia.com
With the subject: “Legal Inquiry”