Down the Rabbit Hole

2018 - Present

Graphic Designer - Animator - Webmaster

I have been working on Fredrik Knudsen’s Down the Rabbit Hole since 2018. Down the Rabbit Hole is a series of videos diving deep into the strange parts of the internet as well as confounding and absurd elements of history.

I am also the webmaster of all his websites, have helped with moderation within his streams and Discord Server, and am currently in charge of his online merch Store.

List of Work

This website includes all the work I have done for Down the Rabbit Hole including websites. This web page also includes a section for frequently asked questions.

Videos I've worked on

The section below highlights all my work within each episode of Down the Rabbit Hole. These may include some trivia.

This list is in chronological order from Newest to Oldest


Time Stamps:

1:39 to 1:45 – Memorial Logo

2:09 to 2:22 – The 3 Key Aspects of a War Ship

4:19 to 4:28 – Fisher’s Chart

12:49 to 13:05 – Size of the K-class

13:17 to 13:40 – The Diving Blues

14:35 to 14:53 – The Mushroom Caps 

15:45 to 16:12 – Oil Tank Troubles

16:47 to 16:57 – Miserable Conditions

18:32 to 47:48  – The Battle of May Island

47:46 to 48:59 – Damage Report

49:24 to 49:41 – The Mysterious Ships

The Battle Of May Island | Down the Rabbit Hole

I was involved in the creation of this episode the most with over half of the video being fully animated by myself. The video had me doing research on each specific boat so I could represent them as accuratly as possible. This video also was the first time I created a poster out of the Designs within the show.

This video uses the most graphics and animations of any episode so far with around 32.8 minutes of animation over the entire 1 hour run time of this video.

Album Cover for the soundtrack

Additional content


Time Stamps(Only for Animations):
4:45 – Chess Tutorial
18:53 – Piece Values
23:05 – Castling
31:00 – En Passant I
37:02 to 38:15  – Deep Thought Games
53:15 to 1:17:25  – Deep Blue match 1
1:30:22 to 1:59:08 – Deep Blue Match 2

Deep Blue | Down the Rabbit Hole

This episode was the most ambitious one before the Battle of May Island, this video included tons of animation and required an entire chess set to be designed for this specific video.

This video used the most graphics and animations of any episode at the time and was the first in a turning point for the channel.

Additional content


The Austrian Wine Poisoning | Down the Rabbit Hole

The first episode in which I created a 2D representation of 3D molecule models for various chemicals & a bunch of vital organs.

Diethylene Glycol

Time Stamps: 5:27 – Diethylene Glycol | 16:04 – Ethanol


Time Stamp: 36:07 to 41:36 – The Fight

WingsOfRedemption | Down the Rabbit Hole

This episode marked the first time the graphics were used in a play by play sequence. Unlike most episodes this one only had the one section but it was more then in the previous two videos combined amount of work!

Additional content

All Slides (Includes Unused Slides)


The Hurdy Gurdy | Down the Rabbit Hole

This episode didn’t have as much graphics as they weren’t needed and due to a few script changes some of the material created never made it into the episode.

I plan on releasing some of the unreleased assets in the future.

Time Stamps: 5:27 – Byzentine | 11:10 – The Push Key | 11:57 – Sliding Keys


Time Stamps: 3:09 – System Structure | 48:08 – Map Arizona-Texas Journey | 49:13 – Return Home | 1:18:07 – Oregon | 1:21:30 – His Last Adventure

TempleOS | Down the Rabbit Hole

This episode marked an increase in complexity for the assets created and was the first time a map and animations were made for the show.

The animations can be seen at: 3:09 and on most map sections.



Furries | Down the Rabbit Hole

This was the very first episode where the graphics were created to go on specific parts of the video!

This is also where the “Desktop Background” first showed up. It depicts a cluttered desktop full of past videos folders, and some references!

Furry MUCK

Time Stamps: 4:26 – APAzines | 11:33 – Video Background | 14:24 – FurryMUCK | 40:55 – Fragmented Fandom


A Chronological Retelling of the Final Fantasy House

This episode was the very first one I worked on, excluding designing the highlight design for text in the previous 2 episodes. This episode was the foundation on all future graphics.

These were purposely made simple and using a white and black palette to distract the least from the narration.

This design was refined over the years.


Dec is a hub for all official links to Fredrik’s social media presence. This simple design fitting the style of the show is straight to the point and clear.


Down the Rabbit Store

Down the Rabbit Store is Fredrik Knudsen’s merch shop run by Arcaxonia. It includes physical and digital products such as Posters, T-Shirts, Audio Books, and more!

We have a lot planned for the future, thank you for your support everyone! <3

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the questions I get asked frequently regarding my work on Down the Rabbit Hole.
More questions will be added as I receive them.


Hi! What software do you use for your animations/Graphics?
- Youtube Commenters


For my work on Down the Rabbit Hole I use Inkscape a free and open source vector graphic editor to create assets for my animations or slides.

To animate I use HitFilm Pro, a VFX & video editor software in one. They also have a Free version called Hitfilm Express which has basically the same features but without some of the effects available. I recommend getting HitFilms Express if you’d like to try it out, it’s really a great piece of software!


So what exactly do you do?
- Everyone


On Down the Rabbit Hole, it depends a bit. I am first and foremost a graphic designer for the show; all my work is catalogued above. I do not do any illustrative works and instead do infographic style slides and animations. My older work was mostly still images(slides) faded into each  but as time went on I started animating more of the show and ever since Deep Blue I have been animating a lot more. I do not do the editing on the show except for the sections I animate; beyond that it is all Fredrik Knudsen’s work.

I am also the webmaster of all of his websites & run the merch store.


Did you make the Down the Rabbit Hole Logo?
Did you make the Chess (Stans) personality portraits?
Did you make the mysterious German man?
Are you the editor?
- Most People who Meet me.


Those are all wonderful works of art that I have not designed, many times people try and praise me for the logo or some other work on the show and I always feel a bit guilty as I explain that this praise is misdirected. Additionally as mentionned above: I do not do the editing on the show except for the sections I animate; beyond that it is all Fredrik Knudsen’s work.

The Down the Rabbit Hole Logo was created by: Elise McCall

The Chess “Stans” were created by: Anton Oxenuk

The Mysterious German Man was created by: DerEineSchwarzeRabe