Wish to Hire Me?

I’m always happy to work on new projects, if your project is in need of a Graphic/Web Designer or a video editor I’m more then happy to help! If you aren’t sure we can always discuss any time!

I excel at Graphic Design, Animation and Motion Graphics, Video Editing, and Web Design.

You can see examples of my work via my: "Full Portfolio" page.

I'm always working on a few personal projects at a time but can get just as invested into other's projects if I care about the topic/theme. It is hard to know if I'll take a liking for a topic. Upon discussion of a project I will make sure to clearly convey my honest opinion on the project.

It is possible I refuse some work due to lack of interest and/or creative differences which would potentially negatively impact my work and by association your own.

The cost is only discussed upon being contacted.

My rates vary depending on the workload, type of work, and other factors.

I speak French, English, and Spanish. My spoken English and French are on par with each other while my Spanish may need a bit of work. My written English is great, while written French is not great and Spanish spotty.

If you wish to communicate we can do so in any of those languages, although if you speak Spanish I may ask for things to be repeated.

Have any more Questions?

If so please don’t be afraid to contact me, one of my favourite things is hearing other’s fantastic project ideas!

Feel free to send an email, a message via social media, or a message on Telegram with any questions or offers you may have.