Our Current Partnerships

We currently only have one partnership, here’s our full list!

TSG!'s Toony Shop

TSG!’s Toony Shop is The Squish Gang!’s(A community of Toony enthusiasts) shop with the main theme being of varied toony scenarios! This partnership is our very first one at Arcaxonia!

Become a Partner

What we Look for in a Partner.

If you have a userbase/fanbase or a following of over 1000 followers you can apply for a Collection Shop.

Meaning, if you have a project it has to be fully or mostly owned by you. Meaning Fan projects based on other franchises are likely not to be added.

Partners need to be open to discuss details and be easy to reach. It is very important for us to be able to keep giving good services.

How to Apply?

To inquire/apply , contact us via:
With subject: “Partnership Inquiry”
or contact us via our Discord Server.